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CBD is fast becoming the power tool for CEO’s, high performers in business, and even university students, all trying to meet their personal and professional goals.  This unique, powerful oil features two primary and powerful cannabinoids working in harmony with terpene, cannflavin and phytonutrient ingredients. Our blend encourages the production of your body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids so it has the materials it needs to function better. Our CBG/CBD product is also a full spectrum cannabis oil standardized and optimized to the perfect ratio of 100 mgs of CBG and 300 mgs of CBD per bottle. 

Tune Focus Benefits:

*Helps promote alertness and mental clarity.

*Promotes optimism and confidence.

*Helps control fogginess and anxious thoughts that thwart productivity.

* Decreases the body’s unnecessary movements (distractions).

*Helps remove headaches from everyday stressors and distracting pains (for example menstrual cramps).

*CBD is anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and has neuroprotective properties.

*CBG is anti-inflammatory, and has cancer fighting properties.

*CBD, especially when combined with CBG, is also highly sought after by individuals interested in cognitive enhancement (focus, mental alertness, memory) and for the purpose of inhibiting cognitive decline.

The recommended dose is one dropper full. Gently squeeze the rubber end and release. Please note that the dropper will only fill half way and this is considered one dropper full. Increase by one dropper full until you feel your symptoms are improved or alleviated.  Avoid touching the dropper to your mouth. Of note, legal amounts of THC are present, however small (<.3), indigenous to the hemp plant.