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Our CBD/MCT Oil compounded with super active Terpenes may be the key to your weight loss success!  Tune's Weight Loss CBD is a THC Free, super terpene enhanced, broad-spectrum liquid that helps promote fat loss by the following:

  1. Our high quality organic CBD oil is known address these 4 factors that can contribute to weight gain if not properly managed: 
  • improve sleep patterns
  • reduce anxiety
  • minimize stress
  • help manage chronic pain
  1. Our proprietary CBD formulation may also boost your metabolism and reduce your food intake by interacting with two receptors in your body — CB1 and CB2, which play a role in metabolism. 
  2. People with healthy metabolic function tend to have a higher percentage of brown fat to white fat; our formulation promotes your conversion of white fat into brown fat, a process known as "fat browning.”
  3. Tune’s proprietary CBD oil has been shown to increase the release of two hormones that promote the feeling of fullness in the body.  This fullness reduces appetite, and encourages weight loss. 

Tune’s proprietary CBD oil has been shown to significantly reduce body weight and waist circumference, optimize the growth of good bacteria, and support the gut lining. Our CBD/MCT compound can be converted into ketones, and can be used as an instant source of energy negating the body’s need to store fat. 

** Serving Size is 1ml dropper full per 100lbs placed on the back of the tongue. Hold for 30 seconds then swallow. Ex. 220 lb individual will take 2 droppers full.

To achieve your weight loss goals add Tune’s Weight Loss to this simple formula.

Take your weight and add 0.   If you are 150 lbs, then your daily intake of calories should be 1500.  Keep an activity journal, or use a fitness tracker. In order to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit by eating less calories than your body needs. You can also create this calorie deficit by burning those calories with exercise.  Exercise and diet combined with Tune’s Weight Loss will help you reach those goals quickly!